The last few days have been heavy. The weight of the entire world set us back to an era I thought I would only read in history books. The past has become such a true reality to many. If African American’s voices aren’t being heard NOW, then I guess action will have to suffice. I am not condoning and applauding burning up businesses and saying that looting is acceptable. But, as I read on someone’s timeline, kneeling PEACEFULLY was not taken seriously. I can’t help but feel the heaviness of my people losing  life because of authority, white supremacy, fear, police brutality, racism, discrimination, and all of the above reasons that seem to be justified through the American system.

we build it

So what? Our lives don’t matter? Did America forget we, as in African American people, BUILT America for FREE?

This land is just as much as ours as any race that lives on it. But yet because God BLESSED us with the melanin skin we are automatically posed and labeled as a THREAT to society. A MENACE to society. THUGS to society, or worst yet N*ggers to society. We raise our voice to make a statement or defend ourselves and all of sudden we are the angry black woman or black man causing destruction. I’m sorry but NOT sorry that you fear us and all that we are capable of.


I am not saying we are better than you ( nonblack race), but check the stats because last time I checked, we are pretty damn talented, we are educated, we are creative, we are strong, we are beautiful/handsome, we are carefully and wonderfully MADE, hell we are MAGIC. As far as I’m concerned we are EVERYTHING in terms of our culture that is constantly replicated. We are supposed to be equal but society chooses to look down on us as if Jim Crow is still live and in affect. As if slavery wasn’t abolished hundreds of years ago. So when you say jump, are you thinking we are going to ask how high?! Because we’re not.  We are built for this but it doesn’t mean this shit isn’t heavy. The truth of the matter is, we are TIRED of all of this and we just want justice. We want to be respected. We want to be heard. We want to be held as equal. We want to BREATHE.

So to the nonblack people that I cross paths…..

If you have used your voice and your platform to point out that wrong is wrong. Thank you. The more voices the better. But please, don’t expect us to applaud you, befriend, or pat you on the back. The expectation is minimal right now because it’s Us or Else. And we don’t know if you are all in or just trying to be seen. We don’t know if you are being genuine in raising awareness or using your privilege behind closed doors to your advantage. We don’t know if when it comes down to Us against America, which side of the rope you would stand on. This is heavy and it has run through our bloodline down to our ancestors for hundreds of years. So if you think everything we point out is about race, well you damn right it is. 95% of the time it IS about our skin color. And you have no right to justify our feelings, beliefs, reactions, response, none of it.

To those who have not used your voice. I have not much to say. It doesn’t bother me actually. And if I am being totally frank, I don’t think I would speak up on your behalf either ( whether White, Hispanic, Asian,) whatever. I think it’s because we have felt that oppression for so long that I have become numb to other race’s struggles. It just doesn’t compare to what my people have gone through and are STILL suffering through. But that doesn’t mean I do not like people of another race. ( Let me make that clear).

To my people, my queens and kings of Black ROYALTY.


I’m here with you. And although this is heavy, we are going to get through this. In the famous words of my dear friend Alicia, I pray that one day God will part the red sea for us. Or part the Atlantic sea for today’s times. And those who showed hatred will be judged by the highest power. We must continue to strive to use our minds, strengths, and skills to help one another. The only way to hurt America is to put our resources into our own. We are God’s children and the world hates that. But God knows we are light in the darkness. And as Moses through the words of God in his heart repetitively kept telling Pharoah to “Let My People Go,” it’s only a matter of time that God’s words becomes God’s actions.


6 thoughts on “Heavy

    1. Thank you! It is not in vain. I too, pray God returns soon. The world is corrupted and full of many prophecies leading to the last days ( plagues, hatred, suffrage). At this point only God can save those who remain in his word. Be safe!

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  1. This was very raw and moving! You captured our emotions in these days perfectly. I love that you mentioned that nonblack people should not look for a pat on the back for the minimal. Let’s not mention how long over due it’s been for THEM to fix this issue. It’s not up to us to resolve, but we sure can make (economic, social, behavioral) changes that put us in a better place! Keep being a voice for our people!

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  2. Beautiful peace. We are a resilient people, created in the image of God. I’m SO proud of us! Thank you writing this peace, I too feel that this is all so heavy but we will push through and continue to thrive as we always do!

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